Bickmore Boot Shine Brush
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Bickmore Boot Shine Brush

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PERFECT FOR BOOTS & SHOES: The Bickmore Boot Care Brush is great for cleaning and maintaining leather boots, leather shoes, sneakers, leather handbags, leather jackets, briefcases, saddles, furniture, automobile dashboards, and many other products.

QUALITY HORSEHAIR: This boot brush is made with 100% genuine horsehair. Horsehair brushes are known for having soft bristles that are perfect for removing soiling and stains for all types of surfaces including suede.

NON-SPLINTER HANDLE: Large handle made from real hardwood making this shoe shine brush easy to hold allowing for quick and easy cleaning.

QUALITY PRODUCTS SINCE 1882: Bickmore is proud to offer quality products that have stood the test of time. The Bickmore Boot Shine Brush is made with soft horse hair for better polishing and buffing. Great for removing topical dirt, dust and grime.