Bickmore Apache Creme Oil Restorer


Product Features

  • REPLACE LOST OILS WITH EASE: Apache Creme Oil Restorer is specially formulated to replace oils in leather that have worn away over constant years of use.
  • RESTORE YOUR WORK BOOTS: Ideal for oiled work boots, crazy horse and apache or distressed leather.
  • SMOOTHS OUT SCUFFS AND DISCOLORATION: Oiled leathers tend to become dry and discolored, Apache Cream actively works to rejuvenate lost oils and smooth away scuffs marks.
  • WILL DARKEN LEATHER: See product description for more details on how to apply.

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Bickmore’s Oil Restorer is specially formulated to treat heavily oiled leather, often called, “Apache”, “Distressed”, or “Crazy Horse” leathers. Since these leathers are infused with oil, application of the wrong product may have adverse effects on the item. Oil Restorer returns these oiled leathers to their original tones and textures. It will darken leather, but won’t dissolve stitching, or deteriorate the leather.

Bickmore Apache Creme Oil Restorer is perfect for any oiled workboots, Apache Leathers and distressed leathers.


Always check for colorfastness prior to use. Test the product in a small hidden area to make sure the results are satisfactory. Shake well before use. Make sure your boot is clean, dry and at room temperature before use. Apply to the entire leather surface, making sure to spread as evenly as possible. Rub in the creme with a soft clean cloth. Before brushing, allow a few minutes for the Apache Creme to penetrate the boot surface. Brush with a soft bristle brush for best results.