Kahl’s Hat Stiffener


Kahl Hat Stiffener will not affect the tone, texture or color of the hat. It will not turn yellow or flake off. Kahls Hat Stiffener will not affect future hat cleanings, shapings or reblockings if used properly.

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Directions: Always check for colorfastness in a hidden area before using. Shake well. Cover work area with a cloth. Brush hat to clean surface. ONLY TO BE APPLIED TO THE BOTTOM RIM OF THE HAT.  Spray fine mist over entire area hold bottle 8”-10” from the hat. Allow to dry. Use steam to reshape hat to desired style. ( A pot of boiling water can be used for steaming, hold the hat over the boiling water to use steam to push the product into the fibers.) Repeat above procedure if more body is desired.

Warning: If you do not steam this product into the hat it will sit on top of the fibers and leave a residue that will chip and flake. Steaming is a priority. Do not saturate, instead follow the procedure a few times.

Size Available: 8 oz spray bottle