Super H Antiseptic Powder


A  general  purpose  antiseptic  for  cuts,  burns,  abrasions,  proud flesh,  and  sores.  For  use  on  non-food  animals  only.  Not  for human use. WARNING: Clean all medication from the area to be treated  before  you  apply Super  H  Antiseptic  Powder.  Protect from freezing.

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Directions: As  a  Powder:  Puff  the  powder  directly  on  the wound to stop bleeding, promote healing, and reduce the risk of infection. As  a  Poultice: Add  water  slowly  and  mix  to  a  smooth paste. Work poultice into inflamed area. Build up a layer 1/4″-1/2″ thick. Wrap poultice with a moist gauze or paper then cover with stable  bandages.  Do  not  allow Super  H  to  remain  in  place  for more than 24 hours. Check bandages periodically to ensure they remain snug and moist. TO REMOVE: Remove all bandages and rinse  with  water  until  gone.  Let  area  air  dry  completely.  Repeat the above process as needed.

Size Available: 4 oz