About us

We at Bickmore are dedicated to creating the best equine and leather care products available. Our popular Bick 4 Leather Conditioner has become one of the most popular leather conditioners on the market. With endorsements from boot-makers such as T.O. Stanley, Old Gringo, and Lucchese, it should come as no surprise that our leather care is second to none. Our products are formulated mostly by hand, in small batches, just as Abiel Parker Bickmore used to make them. Our devotion to creativity, hard work, strength and uncompromising integrity is shown in every product that we manufacture. We strive daily to provide our customers with the finest products available because our products represent us as a company. All of our formulations are made entirely in the United States of America. We’re headquartered in Whitmore Lake, Michigan; a small town just outside of Metro Detroit. We’re proud to be a Made-in-Michigan business and try to keep as many products as we can made in house.